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Buxton Marine Pro Shop

Boats are nothing without the right gear to accompany you during every water excursion. That’s why we stock our pro shop with an extensive selection of water adventure essentials that coincide with various skill levels and budget constraints. Whether you’re an avid adventurer looking for slalom water skis for sale or want to test your balancing skills with a wake surf board, our dealers will use their expert knowledge to guide you through our inventory. With the safety of our boaters being our number one propriety, we also carry an extensive fleet of safety equipment and USCG approved life jackets for sale.

Embark on Your Water Adventures in Style

Water sports promise endless levels of thrills and exhilaration on the waters. However, it’s important to equip yourself with the right gear and accessories to support your level of safety, performance, and comfortability. Wakeboard bindings for sale, for example, are one of the most essential pieces of equipment, as they harness your feet on the board to keep you safe while high speed cruising. On the other hand, slalom water skis for sale are best for advanced riders, as the single ski platform requires an advanced sense of balance and maneuverability. In terms of wake surf boards, we have a variety of different types that accommodate diverse skill sets and preferences, including surf, skim, and hybrid styles.

Boating Accessories Perfect for the Whole Family

Boats are one of the most versatile transportation methods, making them ideal for family gatherings when exploring the waters. Lake tubes for sale and lake mats for sale don’t require prior skill or experience, as they can simply be carried onto your watercraft without a complex setup. Lake tubes for sale are inflatable flotation seats that can transition from relaxing explorations to thrilling racing escapades. Similar to tubes, lake mats for sale are the utter comfort companion whose size accommodates a larger amount of people. For those seeking the epitome of heart racing adventure, we also have foil boards for sale that make the most of even the smallest waves.

Your Comprehensive Boat Dealership

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or are just beginning to experience the thrills of the waters, your safety and that of your guests should always remain a top priority. Luckily, our Buxton Marine inventory houses some of the latest safety gear in the market, including life jackets for sale. According to most state laws, children under thirteen must wear a life jacket at all times, while adults must have an easily accessible jacket on board during every water excursion. From wakeboards, lake tubes, wakeboard bindings for sale, foil boards for sale, and more, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for at our shop just in time for your next water adventure!

Boating That Goes Beyond Your Watercraft

Buxton Marine is an authorized Nautique dealership serving the Texas area, where we’re proud to carry the largest selection of new and preowned inventory. When you’re ready to invest in a new watercraft, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is prepared to make sure your experience is a positive one. From never showing you boats outside your budget to assisting in customizations to a helpful buying experience, we’re the team to trust. At Buxton Marine, we utilize every interaction with our customers to show you firsthand why we’re ’s preferred company for all things boating.

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