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Must-Have Gear in Your Used Nautique Wake Boat

Buying a used boat is a sensible option if you’re running on a budget. However, buying one without the right gear can affect the quality of your wake boat experience. So, to put the boat in the best condition, you must ensure it has all the equipment and gear it needs to function optimally. If yo…

Buying from an Authorized Nautique Dealership in Lewisville, TX

Owning a Nautique boat is easily one of the most exciting experiences for all boating enthusiasts. The endless opportunities for fun water sports, relaxation cruises, and other adventures make possession even better. However, investing in this type of boat requires careful consideration, starting…

How To Choose The Best Nautique Boat Dealership in Texas

Choosing the best Nautique boat dealership in Texas requires careful consideration of several factors. Doing so ensures that you find a reputable dealer that meets your needs and preferences. Whether you’re in the market for a new or used Nautique boat, selecting the right dealership is crucial t…

Exploring the Features of Nautique Boats Available at Your Local Dealership

Nautique boats are widely regarded as a pinnacle in the world of watercraft. The brand is known for its precision engineering and exceptional performance on the water. Nautique boats Lewisville originated from the reputable Buxton Marine Lewisville Texas and have carved a niche for themselves in …

What to Look for During a Boat Test Drive

Just as you would test drive a vehicle before purchasing, you absolutely need to be test driving a boat! There is only so much to know about a boat from specs and visuals. You want to be able to feel it when it hits the water. How do you feel driving it? Does it ride the water the way you want? A…

Boat Cover? Yes. You Need One.

It is an especially exciting time when you purchase a new boat. It is definitely an investment, and just like anything else, you want to keep it safe and out of harm’s way for as long as possible. Sun, salt, storms, rodents, water, and more can wreak havoc on your boat and its finish. What you ne…

Always Have a Bad Weather Plan in Place

It can happen so quickly. You are enjoying a day on the lake with family or friends. Suddenly, the skies begin to darken. You think you have a bit more time, but alas, the storm hits. Do you have a plan? It is dangerous to be out on a lake in a storm, so it is important to already have a plan in…

Reasons Pre-Owned May be Right For You

Now is the time to start thinking about summer! We know that shopping for a waterboard, wakesurf, or ski boat can seem a little daunting at times. There are so many options! We know there are many things to consider when purchasing a boat, including whether or not you should buy new or used. …

Have More Fun in 2023!

Welcome to 2023! As we start this new year, what are some things you are looking forward to? Our team at Buxton Marine has been thinking about how much we love boating and are looking forward to getting on the lake soon. At Buxton Marine – home of the top Nautique boats and accessories – we h…

5 Tips to Consider When Selling Your Boat

Since winter is offseason for most boating fans, it is actually a great time to buy or sell a boat. Once you have decided to sell your boat you definitely want to get the most cash out of it. Here are some tips to consider when you list your boat for sale: Determine Your Cost There are a va…
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