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5 Tips to Consider When Selling Your Boat


Since winter is offseason for most boating fans, it is actually a great time to buy or sell a boat. Once you have decided to sell your boat you definitely want to get the most cash out of it. Here are some tips to consider when you list your boat for sale:

Determine Your Cost

There are a variety of things to consider when you list your boat for sale. What is the condition of the boat? How old is the boat? What are you including in the sale of the boat (i.e. life jackets, skis, or other boating equipment)? Once you’ve determined that, use websites to help you determine what boats similar to yours are selling for in your area. Also look at how and what it is selling for in other parts of the country. This will help you determine how much you should list your boat for. 

Feature the Highlights

When listing your boat for sale be sure to list specific upgrades or elements that would be appealing to buyers, such as things involving water skiing or wakeboarding. By promoting special features more buyers will see your listing and you are more likely to get more money and find the right buyer for your boat. 

Fix All Problems

In order to make your boat more attractive to buyers, make sure it is in excellent condition. Give your boat a complete check-up before listing it. Check the fuel system, replace all filters and flash fittings, look over and patch/fix everything that needs it inside and outside the boat. Especially look over things that break down more often, such as the bilge pump, counterbalance system, speedometer, and profundity locater. 

Do the Paperwork

When selling your boat you often need to have a lot of paperwork done. Depending on your state you may need a bill of offer, title, and registration. It is also a good idea to have everything looked over before listing so you are not caught without the proper documentation. Having the paperwork done also helps with selling your boat because potential buyers will appreciate that you already have all the information needed for the sale. 

Promote the Listing

There are many ways to sell a boat yourself. You can put an add in the local paper. You can list your boat on websites for boat selling or buy, sale, trade pages on social media. You can find a “park and sell” location near you. Most importantly though, once you list it you need to promote your listing. Some websites will allow you to “boost” or “sponsor” your listing so more people can see it. You can also post on social media so friends of yours can see it and may shows friends of their who are in the market. 


In the end, at Buxton Marine we can buy your boat and sell you a new one. Whether you are buying or selling, we are prepared to exceed your expectations. Visit our showroom or Pro Shop, we look forward to seeing you soon! 

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