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Must-Have Gear in Your Used Nautique Wake Boat


Buying a used boat is a sensible option if you’re running on a budget. However, buying one without the right gear can affect the quality of your wake boat experience. So, to put the boat in the best condition, you must ensure it has all the equipment and gear it needs to function optimally. If you want to equip your newly acquired used Nautique boat with the necessary boat gear but are unsure what to look for, check out our blog post below.

Safety Gear

While the primary focus after buying a used Nautique is to get on the water, you must not forget safety. Boat safety should always be a priority, especially when on the water. So, you must equip your boat with safety gear. Great examples are life jackets for each person on board, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher.

Anchor and Docking Gear

As obvious as it may seem, a used Nautique must have an anchor and other docking accessories. Whether you want to wake surf, relax in the sun, or just take a nightly cruise, you always need an anchor and should keep docking buoys on board. If you need help with these, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Summer Essentials

Don’t forget about all the summer time essentials like coolers, towels, wake boards, surf boards and more. Adding these to your used Nautique can make your lake day fun and memorable. 

Maintenance Accessories 

Remember to have a tool kit in your boat, even if your chances of using it are slim. The standard components of the kit should be a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, Allen wrench, hose clamp, and duct tape. These tools can be useful for mini-maintenance just in case you need them while you are out on the water.


Equipping a used Nautique boat with necessary accessories like the ones suggested in this post can make your experience one to remember. So, whether you want to buy a used or new Nautique, contact Buxton Marine. Our team is vested and here to help make your boating experience unforgettable!

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