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Have More Fun in 2023!


Welcome to 2023! As we start this new year, what are some things you are looking forward to? Our team at Buxton Marine has been thinking about how much we love boating and are looking forward to getting on the lake soon. At Buxton Marine – home of the top Nautique boats and accessories – we have 5 tips on how we can make boating even more fun this year:

1.     Buy New Accessories

Sometimes it is fun to buy something new to spruce up or upgrade our home or our vehicle, it can be the same way with boats! Adding new accessories (particularly to your Nautique) is a great way to have some more, and new, fun on the lake. At Buxton Marine we have a phenomenal parts and service department that works hand-in-hand to order upgraded parts for you and install them seamlessly. If toys are more your fancy, our pro shop is full of this season’s latest boards, tubes, and more.

2.     Invite New Friends

We often invite the same friends over and over. Now is the time to invite someone new! Maybe it’s a friend you’ve had for a while, but they have never made it out on the lake with you. Make a resolution to invite 3 new families/friends/couples out on the lake with you this year. You can always invite the other friends again too, but the new friends may add a change of pace and change the fun. The new friends may even have some watersport skills you did not know they had!

3.     Learn a New Skill

You know the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? We don’t agree with that! You can learn something new at any age. Have you been watching those guys out there wakesurfing but just can’t seem to get the hang of it? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to learn a new wakeboarding jump or trick? This is the time! Set a goal and stick to it. It will make your time on the water not only more meaningful – but more fun!

4.     Use Your Boat More

We all know what really makes boating more fun… more time on the lake! Nautiques are the #1 wakeboard boats on the market because they are powerful, intuitive, and so much fun to drive. More time of the lake means more time in your Nautique making memories that will last beyond 2023!

Looking to get the latest and greatest before summer? Maybe just looking to spruce up the boat you already have? At Buxton Marine we are here for you! As the top Nautique dealer in the country, we have all the gear, accessories, and latest Nautique models to make 2023 the best year of boating yet!

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