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Boating in the Texas Winter


Once summer is over most people tend to store their boats away until the next spring/summer season. However, in Texas we are fortunate that boating season could be year round. Winter boating is not for everyone, but for those boating enthusiasts who live on the water, winter is a great season to be on your boat. 

Great Weather

Texas usually has mild winters. We will have a few very cold days, some freezing days, but most days are relatively warm and it can even get into the 70’s. Fishing, surfing, cruising, all of these can be done with the correct equipment in Texas. Another reason winter boating can be especially pleasant is the lack of people and other boats on the water. 

Leave in Water

The mild winter Texas weather means you can leave your boat in the water and you do not usually have to worry about ice in the water or frozen marinas. If you want to get to your boat quickly in the winter, it is a good idea to just leave it in the water. This way you can use it more often without the hassle of having to get it in the water every time. 

Storage and Upkeep

When you are done with winter boating and ready to put your boat away until the next warm season, you need to ensure you are ready to store your boat appropriately. If you leave it in the water, you will need to properly cover, secure, and check-in on it periodically (at least once a week to some degree). If you choose to ignore your boat until July, you will likely come back to a boat in need of some serious TLC. 

Winterize Equipment

Whether or not your boat will be left in the water, you need to winterize parts of it. The motor, battery, AC units, and water systems should be ready for varying degrees of temperatures and climate conditions. Part of winterizing your boat should include keeping the battery charged, taking a look at the channels, openings, and seacocks for spills, and replacing the engine oil. 

You should always have an expert look at your boat to ensure it is working and maintained properly each year. Although it can be fun and relaxing to go boating in the winter, it is important to keep in mind the weather and water conditions, as well as your own personal experience.


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